My heart! I can not describe what it is like to be spotlighted as an Artist for a Magazine!

I am featured on their home page as well! >>

Hey beautiful! My name is Amanda June I am a photographer aiming to give women a voice for themselves.
Here is my why: My journey started about 5 years ago when I switched from being a “catch all” photographer for the last 12 years to a photographer who caters towards women.
I can remember looking at my mother’s 1980’s glamour shots when I was in foster care, you know the ones with big fluffy bangs and feather boas, and thinking, “Wow, my mom looks so happy and beautiful.”

That was before she endured many years of doubt. Her confidence just pours from those photographs. From those photos I found my why. I hope to show each and every woman that walks into my life a different feeling about themselves. Building their voice and confidence has became my everyday.

With my photos I hope to show future generations that it’s okay to think highly of yourself and not to accept any doubt or pressures from others.

Not only do I take pride in being a photographer but I also take pride in you!

One of the most important things I want you to know is that when we are shooting in my studio or on-location it’s a judgement free zone.

I am there to capture your beauty, your personality and everything that makes you, YOU!

Wichita Kansas Best Boudoir Photographer // Avid Artistry
Wichita Kansas Best Boudoir Photographer // Avid Artistry

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