A boudoir photo shoot can be a nerve-wracking event. Not only are you wearing little clothing, but all of things that you consider to be imperfections are on display. While it might seem like an incredibly vulnerable thing to do (and it is), a boudoir photo shoot is actually quite empowering.

Whether you’re choosing to take boudoir photos for a wedding present, your significant other, or so you have beautiful pictures of yourself that you’ll want to keep forever, your boudoir photos are a powerful celebration of a moment in your life. 

The key to a successful boudoir photo shoot is finding a boudoir photographer that you connect with and trust. You want someone that you feel comfortable around – especially if you’re choosing to wear lingerie or go nude or semi-nude. The right boudoir photographer will make you feel comfortable, ensure that the day go as smoothly and productively as possible, work within your budget, and figure out new ways to capture you in the most flattering light possible. 

Nervous about your boudoir photo shoot? Don’t be! 

Click here to view our guide to make your photo shoot day less stressful, xoxo!

- Amanda June

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