I am so excited you've decided to commit to styling your upcoming boudoir session! By committing to curating the perfect outfits you're putting one piece of the puzzle together to create the most magical pictures! Take a look at Avid Intimate's inspiration in this guide and get ready to be inspired!

Below you will find an in-depth guide dedicated to helping you curate a style that photographs well and makes you feel confident that your session will flow together perfectly.

Each guide will have a vibe palette that you can use as inspiration to think of your overall colors instead of specific items. This will help you to mix and match things you might already own as well.

Each photo has clickable images for each item.

I've chosen items that are both affordable as well as a few pieces that are splurge or investment pieces, please pick and choose or use these as inspiration and find something you might own that is similar.

Glam Vibes 

Bridal Vibes 

Rhinestone Vibes 

Flirty Vibes 

Fishnet Vibes