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Did you know that Avid Artistry often uses the hashtag #imsoavid ? Boudoir Photographer Avid Artistry Wichita, KS. If there was ever a session that embodied that hashtag. It would be Alezandria’s boudoir session! Boudoir Photographer Avid Artistry Wichita, KS. To be Avid means to have a strong passion or enthusiasm. I feel so strongly […]

We have our own hashtag!!

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Summer Photography By Avid Artistry Wichita KS. Hey love bugs! So with all this being cooped up inside I have been thinking of doing some outdoor Summer sessions in the later months. As you know playing in the sunlight is always super fun for me and I love catching sunsets any chance I can get. […]

Summer Stylized Sessions

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This month’s themed shoot was BRIDAL BOUDOIR … and I’d say Miss Maddy knocked it out of the park. We wanted to showcase how AMAZING it is to incorporate bridal wear into your boudoir shoot – especially if you plan to give your husband-to-be a gift of boudoir images on your wedding day (which, by the way, I’m […]

This month’s themed shoot was BRIDAL BOUDOIR …

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I am so excited to be spotlighted as The Women’s Fair preferred photographer! I have had the opportunity to work with the women behind the scenes of this amazing event recently. They are the perfect pair for knowing the ins and outs of what women are looking for and also have knack for celebrating women […]

Women’s Fair Savings

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